JVP Play CyberNYC

JVP’s International Cyber Center

Focused on scaling enterprise-ready, Cybersecurity startups, launching them into the US market and NYC vibrant eco-System

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JVP Play CyberNYC
Global Final Event
The Mission
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Our goal is to help New York City become the home for next-generation cyber innovators.

We are teaming with growth stage international startups, and key enterprises leading from the business capital of the world – New York City.

We focus on helping startups with a robust US scaling strategy, business development, marketing, market positioning, executive hiring and funding.

Aiming to build an innovation and talent cluster, creating an unparalleled match between best-in-class technologies and New York City’s unique economic leadership position.

The Opportunity

JVP, in collaboration with NYCEDC, and leading enterprises from the financial services, health, insurance, media, retail and other sectors, have teamed together to open-up New York City’s business opportunity to cyber innovators from around the world.

Leading businesses in the city, teaming up with the scalarator will gain unprecedented access to top cyber innovation, as well as receive the opportunity to team up with JVP, NYCEDC, academic institutions such as Columbia, Cornell, NYU and Cornell, as well as other international business leaders, on establishing the world’s leading cyber eco-system.

JVP Play CyberNYC serves as the primary hub of New York City’s cyber security community, offering participating startups access to potential customers, investors, industry mentors, personnel, space, and other resources.

The Program

The scalarator program, led by JVP, one of the world’s top Cyber Security investors focuses on creating a tailor-fit work plan addressing:

  • Strategy – define your scale strategy, with focus on the US market and the business opportunities in NYC.

  • Business Development – Connecting startups to potential customers and channels including the large incorporates, small- medium businesses and more . 

  • Marketing – Working on strategy plan including branding and positioning, messaging that fits the US market. 

  • Executive Hiring – the most crucial part of scaling the company, defining the executive roles, assisting with the search process.

  • Funding – Exposing the companies to the investor community in NYC. 

Over the three month program, you will be granted access leading CISOs, marketeers, head-hunters, consultants and investors that will help you revamp your company for its next growth stage.

Cyber Site

JVP Play CyberNYC is located within Margalit Startup City, New York; the beating heart of the cyber ecosystem, connecting top academic institutions, multinationals, startups and the city of New York. It is home to entrepreneurs, innovators and 28 emergent international companies, over half of which are cyber companies. These companies are scaling, they’re hiring, building sales and marketing organizations across the United States. The center, located at 122 Grand St, is a six-story, 165,000- square foot building designated as a New York City landmark. Between Crosby, Grand and Broadway streets, the building built in 1879-80 features French Renaissance architectural design by John Correja.

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Margalit Startup City, New York enlisted award-winning architect Peter Bohlin, designer of the Apple stores, Pixar HQ and Square HQ, to transform the site into a center of innovation for cybersecurity, AI and Big Data technologies, while at the same time preserving the historic characteristics of this unique location. The Center follows JVP’s investment strategy of creating vibrant innovation ecosystems in different regions in cooperation with global companies, local businesses and pioneering entrepreneurs. Creating centers of excellence worldwide fosters dialog and diversity, where challenges emerge as opportunities.

JVP – New York – Leading Partnership

 “New York City is the financial and cultural center of the world, the hub of media and information- together with the  NYCEDC, we will turn the city into the cyber capital of the world”

Erel Margalit, Founder and Chairman, JVP

 “JVP has been a key partner to New York City in helping the city build out the cybersecurity ecosystem”

James Patchett, President and CEO, NYCEDC

The city of New York invited internationally leading VC JVP, to join forces and  lead the citywide mission of transforming NYC into the cyber capital of the world. Together with the City of New York, the Economic Development Corporation of New York, CyberNYC, leading academic institutions, Columbia University, NYU, CUNY, Cornell-Tech and other key players in the New York ecosystem, JVP established the flagship International NYC Cyber Center, a first step towards reaching this goal.

Come Join Us

JVP Play CyberNYC is the top cybersecurity innovation program in the US. Focused on rapidly scaling international cyber innovators and leveraging New York’s competitive edge, further providing value to NYC’s leading industries, the scalarator is an open platform that brings together potential customers, investors, industry mentors, space, training, and so many other resources.

This is the place to be.