San Francisco, US

Developer cyber threat intelligence technologies. It combines cloud computing, big data, machine learning, and other cutting-edge fields into an intelligent, dynamic, and robust cyber threat intelligence platform running on the global cloud


US, NYC/Israel


Zero Knowledge, Cloud Vault platform for secrets management. The company's system is agnostic to any cloud environment and delivers hardware security module grade security, enabling organizations to protect their data.


Developer of cyber security software designed to safeguard the identity, fraud prevention, mobile payments and IoT security. The company's cyber security software is based on the identification of voice fingerprints where users can be identified by voice and also certified if this person is alive using complex algorithms, behavior analysis and machine learning, enabling companies and government agencies to ease out the process of authentication and proof of life.



Security analysis software designed to eliminate crypto misuse and key-management vulnerabilities from applications and infrastructure. The company's security analysis software offers a tool for vulnerability assessment in cryptographic interfaces that earns the behavior of the device under test and adapts its attack search from scratch to suit, enabling customers to download a software required to capture details of cryptography usage on their infrastructure, and send the traces obtained to the company's server in the cloud for analysis.

King and Union

Washington D.C, US

Threat analytics platform intended to unite security professionals and amplify the power of cybersecurity analysts. The company's platform provides a dynamic workspace where security operators and analysts can lean in, cut through the noise and reduce the time to address threats from hours to minutes, enabling organizations to access unique and exclusive data sources, automate repetitive workflows and leverages real-time collaboration to deliver unparalleled insight.


Maryland, US

AI based anti-phishing platform designed to block unusual or suspicious threats. The company's platform uses novel computer vision and anomaly detection algorithms to identify and block both brand forgery emails and spear-phishing attempts, enabling users to offer specific guidance on potentially problematic messages anywhere.

NYC, US/Israel

Provider of cybersecurity products and services intended to deliver unmatched cyber protection. The company's product and services gives continuous external assessment of the cybersecurity posture of third parties, managing and quantifying the potential risk of a supply-chain attack vector by evaluating security improvement programs vs. actual threat scenarios.


Developer of a cybersecurity system designed to detect and eliminate cyber attacks and maintain data privacy. The company's system combines reverse tracking technology that detects abnormal intrusions, identifies senders and recipients of malicious software, updates users of all doubtful cyber activities and blocks contacts and sources of phishing mails.


AI Platform that illuminates external attack surface and Dark Web exposure for well-informed, risk-based and DevSecOps-enabled application penetration testing.

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